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Here at Pass All Drug Tests, we believe that one way to help with drug abuse is through education. We offer information about illegal drugs so that you can decide for yourself how harmful, or helpful, these drugs may be. We want you to be well informed and understand what you are doing to your health before using a drug recreationally. If you have all the knowledge you need about these drugs, you may find that you don't want to make it part of your lifestyle. You may find that proponents of medical marijuana legislation are correct and you can help yourself by using marijuana for medical purposes. We believe in your personal freedom and in supporting our 4th and 5th Amendment Rights!
Drug Testing: Employment, Schools, and Common Sense
  1. Companies which use Factor 1000, an impairment testing system, find that drug and alcohol use are not the most common reasons for accidents; rather, severe fatigue and illness are more common.

  2. The National Workrights Institute performed a survey of employers regarding impairment testing. They found that "Few employers have used impairment testing, and information concerning that experience is very limited and extremely difficult to obtain. The available information, however, indicates that impairment testing is not just a better answer on paper, but in practice as well. Employers who have used impairment testing consistently found that it reduced accidents and was accepted by employees. Moreover, these employers consistently found that it was superior to urine testing in achieving both of these objectives."

  3. A positive drug test does not indicate whether an employee was impaired or intoxicated on the job, nor does it indicate whether an employee has a drug problem or how often the employee uses the drug. Thus most tests do not provide information relevant to job performance.

  4. While drug testing in the workplace increased dramatically in the 1980s, in 1992 it leveled off. Much drug testing in American industry is due to government mandates requiring testing, not due to the business judgment of employers.

  5. In a recent study of high tech industries, researchers found that "drug testing programs do not succeed in improving productivity. Surprisingly, companies adopting drug testing programs are found to exhibit lower levels of productivity than their counterparts that do not. Both pre-employment and random testing of workers are found to be associated with lower levels of productivity."

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